Embrace the VAPE life with the eNail Vaporizer!
December 23, 2016
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The Vape Life eNail Vaporizer

Vaping has been noticed globally in the past years. It has been the best option or alternative for traditional smokers to avoid bad health while still enjoying being a smoker with an e-cigarette.
A lot of e-cigarette has been produced with different designs and with better features. In fact, most of e-cigarettes have the same feature that would satisfy an e-cigarette smoker. Mostly, vape users really want to have a better experience in vaping, that’s why they would choose an e-cigarette that’s the best from the market.

First time vapers would also want to have the best vaping experience as they shift from traditional smoking to e-cigarette smoking. But in vaping, people who would want to shift into vaping should start small.
The Vape Life, a small vaporizer eCommerce store in Iowa, offers eNail Titanium Nail Vaporizer Rig.
It is the smallest and most portable vaporizer rig on the market. Being simple, clean and convenient, the eNail comes with a removable 2500Ah rechargeable 18650 battery that is ready for 50 cycles per charge.
The removable glass mouth piece has an internal peculator for the cleanest of hits.
It can heat up to 400℉ in about 30 seconds, with 35 Amps of discharge current.

The Vape Life eNail Vaporizer also includes:

  • Straight-edged dobbing tool & magnetic carb cap
  • Spare titanium nail
  • Magnetic stand base
  • Silicone jar
  • USB charge cable
  • Protective foam carrying case

The eNail Vaporizer:¬
Weight – 25 oz
Dimensions – 12 x 8 x 4 in

E-smokers that experienced using the eNail Vaporizer has some good things to say about using the product. See what they can say.

Maximillian said:

I got this portable enail for the cybermonday sale and I scored!
the nail works well, I can do about 12 vapes at a higher temp before I have to recharge the nail, but thats pretty good for me.
Ryan helped me out with a cracked glass that came with it but he quickly sent out a new one to me today! Great customer service
will buy from here again because this product was perfect for me and so was the price!
Thanks again Ryan and The Vape Life Guys!

Michael said:

I love to vape and right now there are two ways to vape. You can use an electronic vape pen or vape off a rig. You always get better results using an oil rig over using a vape pen. The problem is oil rigs are not portable and you must use a dangerous blow torch to heat your nail. The eNail by the Vape Life solves all those problems. It’s very portable. It comes in a really cool metal case and fits and takes up a small space. The best part is no more blow torch. Blow torches are very dangerous, loud and can even explode. With my new eNail vape rig is safe, easy and very portable. You can use it anywhere indoors or outdoors

These testimonies just proved that eNail Vaporizer gives its users the satisfaction of vaping. It allows vapers to enjoy smoking in good way.

The Vape Life eNail Vaporizer is one of the best and most recommendable eNail/E-cigarette from the market that is your best alternative in smoking.

If you are thinking of shifting into vaping, choose The Vape Life eNail Vaporizer!

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