The Vape Life eNail Vaporizer
December 23, 2016
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Embrace the VAPE life with the eNail Vaporizer!

Vapes are considerably one of the best alternatives to smoking in this day and age. With Vapes you are no longer exposed to dangerous amounts of nicotine the same way as smoking. Vapes are also great ways to enjoy a hit with as little risk of pulmonary disease as possible. Not only that, it can even be considered as a great pastime and many Vaping aficionados have taken to collecting VAPES. It is understandable, seeing that Vape construction has become even more sophisticated than ever. In some cases Vapes can even be considered as works of art and luxury items to be collected and treasured.

And this couldn’t be any truer than with the eNail Vaporizer. This state of the art Vaporizer rig is the smallest and most portable in the market nowadays and is quite affordable too. The rig itself is made out of titanium which is a testament to its durability and the painstaking work that was put into its design. It boasts of features such as the ability to heat up to 400F in about 30 seconds, with 35 Amps of discharge current.
This allows you to get the most potent hit and still enjoy the safety of the eNail Vaporizer.

This is all due to the rigs innovative and elegant design which eschews the bulkiness and unwieldiness of some other Vape models. The eNail also comes with a removable 2500mAh rechargeable 18650 battery. This very powerful battery gives the rig a very potent power source that could last 50 cycles per charge. This is a very impressive amount of power for such a handy tool. For every unit bought it includes straight-edged dobbing tool & magnetic carb cap, spare titanium nail, magnetic stand base, silicone jar, protective foam carrying case and a USB charge cable. And even better The Vape Life company also offers a one year warranty should a product have any defects.

The eNail Vaporizer was created to answer the desires of any vaping aficionado. It has the lightweight design that makes it both handy and easy to use while also having an innovative internal construct that allows you to getting the cleanest and most potent hit that you can imagine. As a vape rigs go the eNail Vaporizer is one of the best in the market. So what are you waiting for? Embrace the VAPE LIFE with the eNail Vaporizer.

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